Welcome to my world…

I went to a marketing talk yesterday held by Dee Blick of The Marketing Gym and realised that it was high time that I got involved with the world of blogging. As I’m a person with lots to say, blogging seems actually more favourable to me than trying to fit my whole life activities into a few characters via twitter etc.

So, business. Basically my blogging will be about all things photographic. Rants and raves at the industry in general, but also hopefully advice for anybody wishing to book a photographer or train to be a photographer. Happy to help where I can on these matters.  I train people across the whole of the UK and may even be able to recommend a photographer in your area.

On  a more personal note I am also into complementary therapies in a big way. I am qualified in Colour Therapy, Flower Remedies and Reiki to name but a few. These therapies, I feel, enhance my photographic practice. On a teaching level, I look to nurture people and use gentle techniques to bring out that creative side, hidden deep in the heart of all of us. Hopefully my learners find me patient, calm and supportive. On the photography side, I use this calm healing approach towards all of my clients, and have a strong understanding of how colours can enhance or distract from the visual message.                 

Wisdom of the Cedar

It is your vision to become all that you can


I hope you enjoy,