Winter is a great time to update the family pictures and having snow as a backdrop is a big bonus. As soon as you step out of the house you have the perfect setting for some shots. No long trek out to look for the right place, and a quick step back in doors to warm up with soup when you finish. Here’s some suggestions:

Work with a high ISO setting. At least ISO400. You can set this manually on your camera rather than leaving it on automatic. This will help with the dark light, that we don’t tend to see when taking the shots.

Wrap up in fluffy or furry – particularly with hats and scarves, and take close-up head and shoulders shots. Focus on the eyes for this. Fur works really well for young children making them look as cute as bunnies.

Be outrageous and risk stepping out of doors with unsuitable clothing. This will add a real sense of fun to the shots. Step back and show the whole scene for this, but watch for great facial expressions!

Have fun x