C B Photographic provides intensive training in the use of digital cameras, enabling you to:
• Get to grips with the technicalities of photography
• Make full use of the functions of your digital SLR camera
• Take pleasure in producing creative images

Caroline Bloor started C B Photographic training division when she realised  there was a gap in the market for quality training in the use of DSLR cameras. Typically, camera techniques are taught by enthusiastic ‘techno-boffs’ with the ability to grasp technical information instantaneously. Their method of teaching works fine for  similar people, but can leave the average DSLR user baffled. Often new learners come to C B Photographic having already attempted several forms of training previously.

“My key strength is the ability to present technical information in an easy to grasp format.”

With 22 years commercial experience in the industry, Caroline has previously coordinated training courses across the UK and Ireland on behalf of Kodak Ltd. She holds a first class honours degree in Photography, Media and Society and a Masters in Photography.

Today Caroline’s work consists predominantly of providing photography training packages. She remains passionate about encouraging others to progress with their career aims and enhance their creative skills. She works with students internationally via e-learning, provides mentoring for professional photographers and assesses examination courses.

“I firmly believe that technical photographic knowledge has an important function to enhance the possibilities of creative practice, but should not be allowed to stem the flow of the imagination.”